Kyle travels state to talk with Tennessee families




MEMPHIS, TN — Following an electrifying appearance at the Tennessee Democratic Party’s Jackson Day celebration, where thousands of supporters urged her to “Run, Sara, Run,” former Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director Sara Kyle continues to test the viability of a run for Governor in 2014.

“She is doing at this point what Governor Haslam has failed to do for his entire first term — taking time to sit and listen to real Tennesseans,” said Chattanooga City Councilman Chris Anderson. “What she’s hearing is that people are worried about the future. Families across the state are telling her that this Governor has no clue what kind of challenges they’re facing.”

Last week, an inquiry from the Tennessean newspaper revealed that the Governor owned shares in “K12 Inc.,” a for-profit virtual school company that Haslam authorized to operate in the state in 2011. The company was heavily criticized for its poor academic offerings and, according to the Tennessean, “has ranked among the worst in the state in each of its two years of existence.”

This follows similar allegations that Haslam held personal investments in Jones Lang Lasalle, a real estate consultancy that secured a $330 million contract with the State of Tennessee’s Department of General Services.

Tennessee’s unemployment rate is still higher than the national average,” says former Shelby County Commission Chair Deidre Malone. “Under this Governor, our families are missing out on the national economic recovery. He is failing in his promise that we would become the number one location for high-quality jobs, because he has a major disconnect with what middle class families need to succeed in this economy. His politically-motivated rejection of Medicaid funds leaves thousands of Tennesseans more vulnerable than ever.”


“We’re rapidly becoming not just three Grand Divisions, but truly two totally different states — one for the wealthy and well-connected, and another one for the rest of us. It doesn’t have to be this way, but Tennessee is going to need a much stronger leader if we’re going to change course.”

“I’ve known Sara for a long time,” says Tennessee Democratic Party Vice-Chair Elisa Parker. “She was raised to believe that all people have worth, regardless of their wealth. She would bring a set of values and understanding about the challenges middle class families face that we desperately need right now. We need a Governor who will work to invest in Tennessee’s people — not his mutual funds. We need Sara to run because we know she can win.

Run Sara Run PAC officials have also confirmed that Sara will attend the Hamilton County Democratic Party’s annual Estes Kefauver Dinner. Details are available at

Send our Young Leaders to Jackson Day


Leaders aren’t born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal. – Vince Lombardi

Last week when we announced the formation of the Run Sara Run PAC, we also announced that we had secured a limited number of tickets to Jackson Day on September 7th for College Democrats.

The response from our young leaders across the state has been awesome.

Thanks to commitments from our donors, we are pleased to announce we’re expanding the program to include Young Democrats as well.

Registering is simple. Just click here and fill out the form.

After you register, we’ll contact you about the details as we get closer to September 7th.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Democrats from all over the state. sign up today.

If you would like to help send more of our young leaders to Jackson Day, you may do so by donating to Run Sara Run PAC.

Sara Kyle supporters create “Run Sara Run PAC”


NASHVILLE, TN – Supporters of Sara Kyle have incorporated a new political action committee to raise funds and organize the groundwork for a possible gubernatorial campaign.

Sara has been the focus of a fervent draft movement over the course of the past month. The new Run Sara Run Political Action Committee (PAC) shares the same theme as a Facebook page and website urging her to enter the race.

Sara, a lifelong Democrat, is a former director of the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA).

The PAC is Co-Chaired by former Shelby County Commissioner of Memphis Deidre Malone, Vice-Chair of the TNDP Elisa Parker of Franklin, and Chattanooga City Councilman Chris Anderson.

Click here to read the entire release

Supporters across the state are being asked to donate online at or send contributions to RUN SARA RUN PAC, 1288 Vinton Ave, Memphis, TN 38104.

The Run Sara Run PAC is also asking college students who support a strong middle class for Tennessee to show their support for Sara Kyle at the Tennessee Democratic Party’s annual Jackson Day celebration on Saturday, September 7. The PAC has secured a limited number of complimentary Jackson Day tickets for college students.

Click here to find out more about College Dems to Jackson Day.

Write a Letter to Sara

Sit right down and write Sara a letter

Sara Kyle

Over the past several days we’ve received a slew of messages of encouragement on the Facebook page and on twitter.

The initial outpouring of support has been truly amazing.

We want to take it to the next level. To do that we’ve created a Letters to Sara page.

Is there an issue you think is important to the state? Send a Letter to Sara.

Do you have an interesting story about something going on in your area of the state? Send a Letter to Sara.

Are you a friend of Sara, or did you meet her? Tell us about it! Send a Letter to Sara.

Maybe you just want to offer some words of encouragement. By all means, send a Letter to Sara.

We want to hear what’s on your mind. We may even publish your letter on the site (you can opt out if you would rather keep it private).

Most of all, we want to give you every opportunity to get involved, and we’re working on a whole bunch of other features for the draft movement that we’ll be launching in the coming days.

Until then, take a minute and write a Letter to Sara.

Draft Sara Kyle in the news

Draft Sara Kyle in the news

Draft Sara Kyle in the news

For an idea that’s barely a day old, the idea of “Sara Kyle, Democratic Candidate for Governor” sure has received a lot of press.

Yesterday afternoon, Joey Garrison of the Tennessean in Nashville, confirmed that she was considering making a go of it, noting that she said, “I’m listening, sitting down with different groups and hearing what folks have to say.”

This morning, the Memphis Flyer, Commercial Appeal and Knoxville News Sentinel followed up with stories.

If you know of other stories in the news, please add the URL in the comments.

The original group that launched the idea has nearly 600 members and a page we launched yesterday afternoon already has over 150 “likes”.

That’s a lot of movement in a little over 24 hours.

Lets keep the momentum going. Leave a message for Sara encouraging her to run on the official Facebook page or on twitter @sarakyle4tn.

Also, stay tuned to this space as we’re working on new ways to engage and hope to have them ready to launch soon.

Draft Sara Kyle


Tennessee needs a strong leader to help guide us through the next four years.

Earlier today, Mrs. Kyle confirmed that she is considering a run for Governor of Tennessee.

This site is intended to encourage her to run, and be a rally point for her supporters all over the state to get behind her as she makes her decision.

We are all volunteers.

The effort began with a post on Facebook. You can read it here.

Over the next several days we’ll be adding ways for you to use your voice in support of drafting Sara Kyle. Keep an eye on this space.

Run Sara Run

Originally posted on Facebook by Michael Lipe

Sara Kyle

Sara Kyle

Aside from Phil Bredesen, who was the last Tennessee democrat elected to a statewide office in Tennessee?

Sara Kyle

In 1994, one of the worst years for Democrats in Tennessee, who was the only democrat to win a statewide office?

Sara Kyle

Who was the last woman elected state wide in Tennessee?

Sara Kyle.

Who could start tomorrow with an organization spanning from the tri-cities where she was born, Nashville where she served in state government to Memphis where she is a wife, mother and church member?

Sara Kyle

Who could start raising money next week through national women’s groups for public service?

Sara Kyle

Who was perceived as the best campaigner in the last democratic primary for Governor?

Sara Kyle (I’ll give you that comes from her husband, Sen Jim Kyle)

Who cares about the people of Tennessee and the consumers she looked out for as the Director of TRA than our current Governor, who seems more interested in giving kickbacks to cronies than working for Tennesseans.

Sara Kyle

Who does Tennessee need to protect working Tennesseans?

Sara Kyle

Please forward this to interested Tennesseans who want Sara Kyle to run for Governor – who stands for all Tennesseans.

Run, Sara, Run